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Welcome to The Property Stylist

Property Styling, or house doctoring as it has become known, is not about full interior design but about making a difference to your home, and adding value, on a more reasonable budget. For those wishing to sell or rent out their property, the idea is to achieve the highest possible value for your property, working with what you already have. Or for those staying put, to create a desirable, functional space which matches your property and your lifestyle. Any money that is spent should yield a significant return – as an investment should.

We can completely prepare your house for market so you don’t have to!

What Client’s Say

Suddenly there was flow and space where there wasn’t any before!
James, Guildford
I would like to extend a special thank you for your excellent transformation. Is has been a great experience and I love my new look home.
Gail, Guildford
Thank You for the speedy turnaround – 5 days before we went on the market and what a difference you made Thank you!
Diane, Uckfield
Wow! That was dynamic. Within 2 hours Debbie had transformed my living space. I was easily able to carry out the additional recommendations she made and now I feel happy to be in my own home!
Ros, Wadhurst

Needing to smarten up our house, but living the other side of the world was surely going to prove a challenge. How wrong could I have been? Debbie took care of everything. She listened, she advised and she delivered. The service provided was nothing less than 100% professional. She and her team of outstanding trades people restored my beautiful house to its former glory all within budget and always with a sense of humour! I can’t recommend the services of the property stylist highly enough. Kate Beesley, Hurstpierpoint October 2015

Debbie can see the big picture and has an eye for detail. She has done miracles with my house: changed it from looking dark, cluttered and small – to light, uncluttered, spacious and beautiful. She did all this, despite working within an amazingly short time-frame. I recommend her services whole-heartedly! Dr Betty Rudd, Nutley, October 2014

Debbie always arrives full of enthusiasm for any of my projects. She is able to offer expert guidance on colour, flow, bringing rooms together and creating an environment that works for me. I am lucky to have found someone who had the patience to go over multiple options with me, and when I do set her loose she gets an enormous amount done in a short period of time. I was delighted with the way she has helped me create a bedroom on a shoestring after 9 years of boring and mismatched bedroom horrors.After only 2 days she had freshened up my lounge and kitchen to a standard that even my picky partner approved of! All at a very reasonable price. She’s friendly, fun and gets it right. What’s not to like. Ros Soulsby, Lewes, August 2014

Debbie has done a wonderful job for us. Our house had been on the market for over a year with no footfall at all when I first contacted her. I wasn’t sure she would be able to help, considering that we were in Spain and she was in the UK, but thanks to the wonders of the internet we were able to communicate easily. I sent her photos and videos of all the rooms in our house, which she clearly studied in great detail and gave a great deal of thought to, and then she sent us suggestions as to how to improve its marketability. So together, with her brilliant ideas and our muscles we were able to transform it. She made it a much more pleasurable place to live in too, and we have finally sold, even in this time of financial crisis. In fact, in the end, we had two sets of people offering to buy it in the same week! I am sure we would still be trying to sell if it hadn’t been for Debbie’s brilliant suggestions, and would gladly recommend her to everyone in a similar situation. She made everything fresh, exciting and logical. Thank you Debbie. Bryony Garrod. Spain, July 2014

The Consultation and Pricing

The Property Stylist will meet with you and carry out an in-depth assessment of your property. She will then offer advice and recommend what action needs to be taken to achieve the best chance of adding value to your property. Specifically, this will be what will make it more attractive to potential buyers, tenants or for you as the owner. She will also advice on best use of space, the buying and selling process and tips for marketing your property. If required we can recommend local estate agents, surveyors and solicitors.

The Property Stylist initial Consultation fee starts from £95.

“In the case of people trying to sell or rent their house, property styling can present an aspirational home that will maximise its appeal to potential buyers, but can also release the real money making power of your home. The main objective is to create a well presented property that will increase your chance of selling quickly and for the right price at a sensible cost to the owner.”


It was a bit like having Sarah Beeny round – only without the camera’s.
Hilary, Chichester